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"The most open" river beach yesterday morning in wuhan On the first day, more than 16000 people

Date: 2015-06-07

The 21st Asian track and field federation representatives yesterday, wuhan's first "barrier-free" river beach, castle peak river beach to visitors with open arms, on the same day, open the first phase of two kilometers park for more than 16000 tourists visit.
Across the river in hankou the public to support
At noon yesterday, outside the castle peak river beach river along the parked vehicles. Many tourists climbing the Wu Qingdi and stroll in the above the greenway with kawakaze comfortable. Within the river beach, wooden trestle winds its way between the flowers and trees, become a good place for a lot of people walking. In children's entertainment district near the erqi Yangtze river bridge, although there are a lot of equipment installation, but plastic hills and depressions or became the children's paradise. They jump up the v on low, laughter echoed in the big river.
Mr. Qi in hankou, deliberately driving with his son to castle peak river beach yesterday. Mr. Qi, castle peak river beach is built in wuhan new river beach, see it says that there are many parent-child rides, so take their children to "children".
Castle peak marshland management office director yu guoming, castle peak river beach yesterday popularity "empty". Someone to exercise at first light, at noon during peak park, more than 3000 people, all day, at least 16000 people an qingshan river beach.
Will add rubbish bins, sign of civilization
"Most garbage is cigarette butts in the park, a kung fu can sweep out more than 50." The cleaner Feng Quanli is introduced. Cleaners qing-lin lu said that a park near the building 2 less trash can set.
Yu guoming is introduced, the park has more than 30 cleaners, according to the experience in hankou, wuchang, Qiao river beach, castle peak at ordinary times in the 2 km river beach issue of cleaning is enough. But yesterday on the first day of the morning, too many tourists, the cleaner can only follow people constantly. To this end, castle peak river beach will add bin 36, in a period in the middle of this month all installed. Marshland management still made civilization tourism area of more than 200 pieces, remind visitors not to trap with throw garbage, spit everywhere yesterday held in wuhan