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World Chinese hometown of yan emperor roots section 12, held in the hometown of yan emperor suizhou

Date: 2015-06-07

(wuhan morning post Journalist David Interns liddy Correspondent Xu Mingchen) yesterday, the provincial information office released, b is not in the world Chinese hometown of yan emperor roots festival on June 12, held in the hometown of yan emperor suizhou.
Activities will be held during the non-material cultural heritage shows great performance, folk artists series, large farmers talent show PK, such as rich and colorful folk food exhibition activities, activities for 3 days, let this culture better approached the crowd.
Roots of the festival this year will be geared to the needs of Chinese people at home and abroad, to build "ten thousand people worship together, thousands of companies and cities linkage" thick atmosphere. Activities into three tribute, chanting, "jingchu model", the national moral models, to further promote and develop the traditional music culture, traditional virtues and socialist core values, reflect cultural heritage.
It is understood that roots festival will also closely agree with the 70th anniversary of the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression the important historical node, expression of the Chinese nation's sense of honor, respect for national hero, vigorously carry forward the patriotic spirit. At the same time, positive echo national strategy of "area", the yan emperor city of countries along the torch relay to the "area", boosting civilization exchange, the cultural integration.
The roots of section by the Taiwan affairs office of the state council, the national tourism administration, China federation of literature and art, the all-china federation of returned overseas Chinese, Chinese yanhuang culture research association, hubei province people's government jointly organized.