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Teams to check the civilization city construction farmers' markets start to responsible management

Date: 2015-06-07

Yesterday, the city civilization city construction teams to go to huangpi district, check the Internet bar, the trade market civilization construction situation, and view the community of high altitude parabolic regulation. Teams to find the two marketplaces filthy environment, supervise and urge the market owners to exercise the management responsibility, and demanded that the government departments to strengthen supervision.
Yesterday afternoon, in the shop business market, out into teams to find market phenomenon common; The garbage on the ground, if the skin, rotten leaves, paper scraps, such as cigarette butts or more, failed to timely cleaning cleaning staff.
Teams came to the gate of the market management office, found the doors open, empty inside. An unfairness in front of the staff to call the office phone, answer the phone people answered: "take grandson, will inform another one coming." About ten minutes later, another market management personnel, admit its management has a dereliction of duty, and promised to positive changes.
Another farmer's market, fixation of the farmer's market, is also out into operation and cleaning in a timely manner. Unfairness in the market can't find the same management personnel, make a phone call to find managers, he said "general morning will be in the market. Teams to ask the specific what is the working hours, the other is prevaricated could not answer.
Teams to found some Internet cafes also admit minors online, the illegal sale of cigarettes and other issues. Plate of liuzhou, development zone liu yulan Internet cafe shop village has a web surfers smoking, there are two minors to the Internet, also found in Internet bar counter drawer several cigarettes, a total of 52 package. Dragon avenue celebrity commercial plaza in 8090 Internet cafes are illegal to sell cigarettes, industrial and commercial execute the law personnel seized a total of 25 packet of cigarettes. Ray panlong road speed Internet cafe, there are two minors online.
To carry out smoke Internet cafes, the ministry of commerce and industry has been withholding cigarettes, and carries on the investigation. To admit minors online Internet cafes, culture, law enforcement has asked its closed for, wait for the next step.
08, 28 teams to come to the dragon avenue, classic village, see the village governance high altitude parabolic. Residential property manager reaction, high altitude parabolic phenomenon here is not much, village has set out to make refused to high altitude parabolic billboard.