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"China dream, wuhan" wuhan city image poster was opened

Date: 2015-06-07

Changjiang daily news (reporter Song Lei Correspondent wang 斅 lui) as a slogan of wuhan city ", wuhan, and every day is different ", when the words become poster design theme, will how to face? Yesterday morning, spread by hubei academy of fine arts and wuhan international exchange center hosted the fifth "east and west" college students and international poster biennale "China dream" wuhan wuhan city image theme exhibition, in hubei academy of fine arts gallery opening. Poster exhibition works more than 300, among them, more than 40 pieces of wuhan city image poster design works.
Yellow crane tower was converted into abstract symbols, or be knitting line, pulse curve and the rebuilding of the elements such as city silhouette, cause lenovo. Subway lines, roads, optical networks, such as changes to design elements, weave the wording of "wuhan". Exhibition site, the reporter sees, participating college students play ideas, from different angles, show themselves in the eyes of wuhan, and their understanding of the "wuhan, every day is different".
"Exhibition high overall quality, creative young people. The poster reflects the college students' attention to wuhan, reflects the development of wuhan city achievement." Exhibition organizers of a responsible person.
According to introducing, hubei academy of fine arts students have cobalt chang works "Dream (Dream)" won the biennale in the award. Poster is a black and white photography, a boy holding a blank sheet of paper was "the dream" the word hollow out, the sunlight to penetrate, like flashing light.
The exhibition until 14, free exhibition.