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Students draw ChengWuHan city image poster won international jury mention

Date: 2015-06-07

(wuhan evening news reporter wang correspondent wang 斅 lui) following zhuhai's city image symbol, slogan is released, the image of the wuhan city posters also appeared. Yesterday, 2015 the fifth "east and west" college students international poster biennale and wuhan city image theme exhibition, in the shenyang hubei academy of fine arts gallery opening.
The "dream" is the theme of the poster biennale, and set up a "Chinese dream wuhan" alone for the first time in wuhan city image theme exhibition. In four months, the organizing committee received from all over the country, and France, the UK hundreds of nearly 2000, the works of art and design colleges and universities students of wuhan city image poster more than 150. Judges said the work to be reflected overall quality is higher, the young creative vitality and new meaning, especially the college students' awareness of the wuhan city development achievements.
Get international jury mention a painting, is considered to be the best of the all posters of wuhan urban image, the winners are Guo Qunyu from wuhan vocational and technical college students, he introduced the work idea: as a whole is a yellow crane tower, the outline of a few pen, upper and lower part by the deformation of the letters W and H. Yellow crane tower each cornices, especially replace with "point" in calligraphy stroke, to echo "han" three drops of water; There are a number of small white, the yellow crane tower is connected by very fine lines, ambiguously see is lane, jianghan road, wuhan regional cultural symbols to yuan temple, etc.
Municipal party committee propaganda department of the international communication between central controller introduces, dozens of wuhan city image poster for this exhibition, planned in hankou river beach, garden expo tour, including Guo Qunyu students creative works, such as will as the image of the city of posters, show window in wuhan area, large-scale activities.