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Type society construction success Wuhan seven years per unit of GDP energy consumption fell sixty percent

Date: 2015-06-07

(the Yangtze river daily) (reporter aminta junwei) 5, from wuhan city circle work symposium, according to the our city unit GDP energy consumption level from 1.27 in 2007 tons of standard coal/dropped to ten thousand yuan of 0.51 tons of standard coal/ten thousand yuan last year, fell 59.84%; And the added value of high-tech industry accounts for GDP proportion up thirty percent from 2007. In the key links and key areas, wuhan achieved preliminary results in two type society construction.
In 2007, the wuhan city circle the comprehensive reform pilot area approved by the two type society. For seven years, resources saving and comprehensive utilization of related indicators tend to improve year by year, among them, the added value of ten thousand yuan of industrial water consumption reduced from 149 cubic meters in 2007 to last year's 49 cubic meters; Hazard-free treatment rate of urban living garbage reached 100% last year, the urban sewage concentrated rate at 93.8%, compared with 2007 increased by an annual rate of 4.59%. Indicators such as forest coverage rate of green coverage, proper also increase year by year.
Construction of "two type" society, need industry optimization. Since the full implementation of "twelfth five-year" ten since the implementation of key projects in the field of circulation economy, circular economy by the end of 2014 has implemented a 36 key projects, with a total investment of 7.38 billion yuan. In the field of carbon capture, as one of the world's three largest base of "catch" carbon, can capture carbon dioxide ten thousand tons a year; In the field of remanufacturing mobile repair, wuhan showed independent research and development of the domestic first set of laser flexible remanufacturing mobile repair systems; Processing of waste household appliances, the first national circular economy research base in wuhan beautiful, green fluorescent tube international advanced processing technology. The first waste renewable resources for platform - wuhan city mineral exchange traded above 160 million yuan last year. The relevant person in charge of the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) said the next five years, will further expand the exchange of radiation area, strive to build the whole province of radiation, affect the regional urban centralized trading, information release, mineral resources value evaluation, financial services of spot and physical delivery and electronic business information platform.
"Love lakes like take good care of my eyes", through the water into the lake, ecological restoration, ecological water diversion, lake water quality in the whole city water ecological improvement. Lake-ring road construction, locking lake shoreline, and meet the needs of residents of hydrophilic.
Wuhan city circle "two type" social construction of meaning is to try, institutional innovation is an important driving force. Wuhan water resources development investment co., LTD. As a big east lake ecological water network construction project financing platform, the effective integration of the assets by wading, access to bank credit of 14.8 billion yuan, more than one hundred million yuan, the total financing financial difficulties to a certain extent alleviate the water environment construction; In central China's largest sewage treatment works of han west sewage treatment works to BOT (construction - operation - transfer) mode, attract social capital to participate in the construction.