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Wuhan haobainian Hotel (Best Century Hotel Wuhan), Das Hotel befindet sich in der Yanjiang Avenue von Hankou, am Eingang der Jianghan Road Fußgängerstraße, in der Nähe des malerischen Gürtel von Yanjiang Avenue, mit überlegener geografischen Lage, schöne Umgebung und bequemen Transport.
Das Hotel ist ein gut gestaltetes Boutique Business Hotel.Das Hotel nimmt Renaissancestil an, und der Eckturm mit byzantinischem Stil an der Ecke hat europäische klassische Eigenschaften.Das Hotel verfügt über alle Arten von modischen und eleganten Zimmern, aus denen Sie wählen können, mit kompletter Unterstützung und exquisite Dekoration.Das chinesische Restaurant mit 200-Sitzplätzen bietet Ihnen eine Auswahl an lokalen Gerichten.
Das Hotel ist Zeuge der hundertsten Geschichte des alten Wuhan. Im Nachglühen des Sonnenuntergangs ist sie immer noch majestätisch.
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  • snaer
    nice location
  • buxianwen
    Health travel, very convenient
  • atongmu415
    Big room, good location
  • cnfanbo
    Took some photos outside the hotel, very good Ah, 2,881 night. to meet my needs. has two or three you can visit the street behind the hotel-the rooms have River view, take the ferry to hubu Lane's convenient. next stay should stay in this ... ^ _ ^
  • Aliger
  • rexlei
    Overall good facilities were old. breakfast is too simple
  • e00050620
    Looks good inside a bit
  • dwelle
    Old House of great charm, the surrounding environment good, cost-effective
  • gio2107
    Location good, suitable for people who travel to Wuhan,
  • JuliaVoyage
    A San Francisco hotel, located in the jianghan shut, jianghan road walking Street. the hotel has mosquitoes, killing ten mosquitoes a night. poor health. breakfast very poor,
  • danny_tam
    Location is OK, but very dated, no breakfast supplied is not convenient
  • mintlover
    Nice hotel unfortunately is a little poor breakfast
  • nana1017
    Nice go out the pedestrian street around the snack room look health but can't sleep one night after my legs are red dot TV is too old and small towels won't live
  • guorongxiang
    Location and service was good
  • wangff517
    Easily accessible, hotel old
  • wuyagang
    Which is very nice
  • tracy25711
    Good location, convenient, not only is air conditioning does not meet
  • A chilled watermelon A
    Well, very stylish hotel, convenient, good location
  • leyiying
    Facilities a bit older, is the Centre for all region
  • AlanWuMBS
    Hotel location is good, shopping and shopping very convenient, cost is also very high, it is good, it is not so clean, breakfast is too simple
  • feiaibb
    Located in Hankou Street, great location, convenience, HSBC building, is a good choice because they have to take to the airport, choose the hotel.
  • vivian482
    Good location, is very convenient for the meeting, and come again.
  • e00176184
    Second times live good Centennial has, traffic convenience, shopping especially convenient, regardless of is Metro also is ferry, are is convenience. This of business standard between than last of to big, environment better, children and mother-in-law are is satisfaction. is up late has, didn't caught up with breakfast, but around everywhere are is dinner of place, also matter, yihou again to Wuhan, also will select good Centennial. Centennial of old building, feel does not as!
  • mjp_1990
    Want more big disappointment much. Say no more.
  • sunball212
    Lot better explained
  • e00116793
    The location is very good and facilities are also available, not as old as saying, but somewhat absent-minded reception such as comments, breakfast style less good, less late, table cloth are not, slightly shabby. construction nearby, night, window insulation is bad, OK, location was very good
  • m02082542
  • garcia castillo
    The location was excellent, is very convenient for shopping trip in the evening from the balcony of the room River view was beautiful
  • fayepeng619
    Very good! convenient ferry is only 100 metres far from the tube. shopping is convenient is the hotel is a bit old and refurbished it better!
  • eling
    Good century hotel building more than 100 years of history, for Nissin Bank site, rooms at the old House, feel different. impeccable hotel, in jianghan road walking Street entrance, jianghan road, Metro station, Wuhan Guan bus stop is very close, to ferry out the Wuchang was, by various transport choices, is a rare good hotels.
  • roger5288
    OK, more expensive
  • la5wenjie
    Convenient, nice!
  • ben111
    Hotel is very well located along River Road, all concession surrounding the ancient building, next to the pedestrian street, convenient. hotels have long years, indoor facilities, but clean. the attitude of the staff is not very good, needs to be improved!
  • Diningyi
    18 square meters is here than what was imagined meeting
  • susan0813
    Second times live has, this with child to has luxury big bed room, but no imagine in the of big, space somewhat small, room in is clean, to has surface towards River of room, daily up can see ship drove had, baby is happy. out is jianghan Road Street, near also has million up, dinner, shopping are compared convenient, street in on has Metro station, hotel near also can sat ferry, travel also is convenient. just this to has breakfast of place is again decoration, but nearWhere to eat enough to make up for in General can also.
  • Jasmine_68
    Front step is relatively high, there is no barrier-free design, luggage is not convenient.
  • e01310132
    Very good!
  • a_fan_ti
    Two rooms, facilities, Wuhan is the most recent poor air
  • cd87201888
    It wasn't too bad
  • teatime321
    Good sanitation and facilities in General.
  • ace1945
    Hotels in Hankou Riverside gate along the Avenue diagonally opposite, jianghan road walking Street East exit. shopping easy and convenient. 100 meters is the ferry take a ferry to cross the River on foot is the hubu lane and the yellow crane Tower, hotel renovation better! facility slightly old.
  • Aragorn888
    Nice room good, main location is great, very good, very good choice
  • Jenny0105
    Environment 88888888888889998888899899999888
  • btn2102
    Good location, because I wanted to experience the feeling of old House! want Windows and balconies if you can repair better! sumptuous breakfast would be better!
  • gavin86
    Room environment is old
  • ly2005
    Good location, in the city center, away from the dock, very close to the beach, public transport is also very convenient, right next to the pedestrian street. hotel is a little old, but very complete. attendant quality really but in General enthusiast who owns the coffee shop downstairs service and beautiful, is worth a visit
  • jasminecxy
    Good husband on a business trip
  • baby little fat boy
    It's not bad
  • liyuren
    It's OK
  • by1847
    Wuhan on business, this is very good, you can well appreciate the style of the old Wuhan, River, it is worth