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The Best Century Hotel (Wuhan Haobainian Fandian) is a European-style business hotel situated near the entrance of Wuhan's Jianghan pedestrian Street.

The hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all pubic areas, free parking, currency exchange and ticket reservation.

Diners can head to the on-site Chinese restaurant which offers a taste of China's extensive culinary tradition, or relax in the coffee shop with a snack and beverage.[View Detail]
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  • e00015907
    Location is fine, the room can also has been staying, you can accept
  • F * the world
    Environment, accustomed to the store, every time this
    Decent hotel
  • Sport0610
    Good good good good good good good good good good
  • loongs
    Environment mainly easy, really easy
  • misspolitica
  • cstwj
    Convenient, good service at the front desk, in the pedestrian street, go shopping, go to the river
  • angelia0111
    There's no free mineral water in the room, the boss very stingy. breakfast awful. a good environment, good location.
  • Dean_xu
    The appearance of simple, building there for more than 100 years, the room, the hue is light, phone was out of the room, reflected immediately after repair.
  • a4131837
    Surrounding environment good, dinner is also very convenient.
  • leejaywang
    A good environment, good location, eating, shopping, cruises, beach was very close to all.
  • tjdxff
    Distance too close to the pedestrian streets are really really noisy, and hotel towels and bathroom really old too much. but the location is good, very convenient
  • e03793119
    Good location of the hotel, from the pedestrian street close, opposite the hotel you can take the ferry directly to hubu Lane, food is also a metro station near the hotel a lot. We stay in hotels was the appearance of old buildings to attract (crossing to the Republic of China era bright lol......) But the hotel's overall environment so-so, sincerely want to ridicule the hotel breakfast ... ...
  • bafnusr
    Jianghan road walking Street and Riverside crossing. by ferry across to the other side. Hu BU Xiang and Wong Shi, Yangtze River Bridge and the building is walking distance to the. location. is a historical building.
  • boger
    Fine, help friends book
  • Sandy2310831
  • Magusll
    Good good good good
  • binlin320
    Rooms are large, facility and some old, charge for bottled water, breakfast is too simple, nice surrounding.
  • Isidor
    Hotel location is very good, period is too long, room configuration is too old, bed sheets have a bad hole, health,
  • e00867305
    Good breakfast too simple
    The location is good. along the road, traffic is very convenient, the subway ferries bus. not far from Li huangbei and jianghan beach. is the room is generally is very general.
  • bull888
    Located right in the pedestrian street entrance, very convenient, but also noisy, not just cars, air conditioning outside unit sounds great, good
  • Fulailiao
    Hotel location superior, is located in Han Street Street mouth, opposite is ferry terminal, can directly to River opposite. hotel building compared old, room space is unlikely to, live in hotel can heard Tower of Bell, night can to auspicious street eat night market, is good OH! hotel downstairs also has a cheap restaurant, is convenient. night also can walk to opposite of Hankou River Beach, views good!
  • ananlove
    And we think it's great
  • steven2170
    Beach with great view
  • necal
    First impression was the parking lot of the staff, very friendly. hotel is an old building, room configuration OK, air conditioning and refrigeration effect is called a good! very, very convenient shopping nearby, a variety of snacks! overall very satisfied!
  • Nest ~ ~
    Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah a mouse eating my chicken wings MLGB
  • jb_david
    Deluxe standard rooms are Deluxe, environment is very good, the location is very good at the pedestrian crossing, close to the Pier by boat just to the hubu Lane, next time you go to Wuhan also live here.
  • annajw
    Perfect location; Hotel looks very stylish, fitting time is a little long, slightly older; they go out walking Street, shopping very convenient from jianghan close by ferry is very convenient; every big Bell can hear Han Guan, Yes.
  • eling
    Good century hotel building more than 100 years of history, for Nissin Bank site, rooms at the old House, feel different. impeccable hotel, in jianghan road walking Street entrance, jianghan road, Metro station, Wuhan Guan bus stop is very close, to ferry out the Wuchang was, by various transport choices, is a rare good hotels.
  • gutianle600
    Changed after the hotel is an old building, the facility is old, Riverview room very noisy, no noise, other. this hotel is feeling.
  • e00180663
    Room is very big. clean. convenient. go out the pedestrian street and the wharf also have subways.
  • genimi
    Location very good
  • dalianmoxi
    I deserve a single dog, basically is your lover, a good beginning estimate
  • image
    Well, but felt the price level should be a little higher. the location is really good.
  • luojue8023
    Hotels near walking street of jianghan road, the hotel itself is old, a lot of flavor, want to store in the Republic when redecorating after adding a little bit more fan, such a style worthy of the building itself, more quality.
  • c123654
    Hotel location is very good, close to river beach, and the decoration of the hotel is very tasty. we live five-floor there is also a small balcony, very delicate.
  • Dennis8848
    Good in every way, docked this place is especially convenient and worth living
  • lijiyu
    To a friend
  • avaya818
    There is a balcony with river view, good and convenient
  • jm Gigi
    Old hotel, modern interior ... play around, shopping, traffic is good
  • Clifford12
    Said truth, if not wants to live live Centennial old house words, I is not select this of, decoration neither fish nor fowl, service General, health General, along Avenue and in construction, road car horn constantly, is is too noisy has. set of with balcony of views King room, for of is station in old house in near distance appreciate jianghan shut and Yangtze River, experience about old concession of views. actually is good of House, completely no heart build, unfortunately has. this live a late enough, premise is you on station inBalcony watching jianghan close interest.
  • awfulma
    Good century hotel in the historic old House, such as 'according to sell the old' would be better, for instance, decorated 230 hotels style, vintage-style sells. room clean and sanitary, but the bedding feels old, does not seem to have changed, always uncertain. the waiter kindly, the service is in place, that's good.
  • e03082937
    Very close to the pedestrian street subway by taxi is very convenient
  • imi998
    The geographical position is superior, the restaurant food good value for money, very convenient!
  • brandywang
    Rooms at found that television is bad, has sound but no picture.
  • dingding26
    2nd, Metro c export to right hundreds of meters, location good, in street mouth, and tower adjacent, together is postcards Shang of logo sex history building, hotel big door to left beach is near, to Southeast Chinese road Terminal is near, 5 Yuan crossing a few minutes Bell had Bank, ashore right turn go go on hubu Xiang Yangtze River Bridge yellow crane Tower. a floor decorative also is more new, health clean, only bad, live a floor, floors end of, light dark, street, somewhat noisy. standard type breakfast every day hot cracker. midnight dining can pointsDish, very affordable price.
  • flxx810419
    Hundred years old, like Nissin foreign site, location is very good, in the jianghan road walking Street entrance, next to the Wuhan customs Tower
  • a2020
    Company serving customers booking from the company close, convenient.
  • leeyusi
    Environment is great, play around enough. convenient! metro is close to the ferry. the only room with ants