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The Best Century Hotel (Wuhan Haobainian Fandian) is a European-style business hotel situated near the entrance of Wuhan's Jianghan pedestrian Street.

The hotel provides free Wi-Fi in all pubic areas, free parking, currency exchange and ticket reservation.

Diners can head to the on-site Chinese restaurant which offers a taste of China's extensive culinary tradition, or relax in the coffee shop with a snack and beverage.[View Detail]
住客评论 1625条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • stacia_wu
    Overall okay, convenient facilities, strict management
  • asdf000000
    Newly renovated, with children come out to play, clean and nice
  • eveng99
    It's not bad
  • mcc122
    Live in this location very of convenient, distance Metro, Terminal are is near of. staying day requirements live along room of, landscape is good of. but later found some noisy, reflect Hou waiter immediately and to arrangements has a between environment good and is quiet of room, service really of is good. Tomb holiday to has 3 days Xia has two days rain, next to to also will live in good Centennial.
  • D utterly
    In Wuhan, the location is good, room is big and clean breakfast was generally
  • leicumt
    The service was excellent, room is a bit old, service great!
  • dseaaa
    Very comfortable!
  • saidou
    Old, traditional hotels, health and service are good.
  • ritagao
    Men's shoes
  • firmament
    Decoration felt old front desk service was good overall okay
  • leont199832
    Good ... go away pedestrian street, ferries, traffic is very convenient. are a bit noisy. overall it is good
  • lxd5504
    Good location, good environment, away from the beach so close that the hotel itself is heritage, better with age, like, will recommend to friends!
  • bangsir
    . Lots
  • E00223682
    HOBA Hotel good location, in the walking street of jianghan road, on the internal environment of the hotel price is not obvious! breakfast so-so! good overall
  • Joyyun
    Good location, environment more just.
  • e00317502
    Never had the moving in of one of the worst hotel experience. Disadvantages; 1. big Wuhan, Shang hundred species of breakfast varieties, here provides of breakfast only a copies fried powder, a fried egg, a bowl milk, a bowl white porridge, no any beverage, other are need himself paid purchase. such also than saves breakfast good has. being a Wuhan people in Wuhan I also never encountered had breakfast so of poor of hotel, no wonder has guest got breakfast Hou put in there himself to hundred meters outside of hole Chamber Street spent4 dollars for Wuhan, the famous and delicious hot and dry noodles 2. check-in girl at the front desk when you stretch a face of hospitality, service with a smile there's no, not to mention the guests desire to give guests a quiet room. 3. charge for room nongfu spring, 3 Yuan a bottle, room no more charges and asked the front desk informed. any other hotel offers guests two free bottles of mineral water per day, not only here. 4. the toiletShower head with too little water, shampoo, lotion or foam, not just where the inferior products. the toilet flush not to force, for a long time can be filled with water to flush. Unfortunately no sporadic level of the hotel, there is only a value of zero stars.
  • jmwjo
    WiFi was useless
  • anwww
    Good surroundings, convenient shopping for dinner! old shops, stay
  • audit
    Hardware, clean, great location, dining
  • lixu_23
    Room equipment was getting old and old
  • air9901
    Hotel is old, because in the city center, so cheap, like facilities in General.
  • Justin850929
    Room is not warm ...
  • lauraw108
    A bit old
  • grasslandming
    Good service, good environment, very happy.
  • gold2
    Looks quite beautiful, rooms very small, hotel front desk attitude is bad, the overall feeling is poor, Desert Springs free, drank a bottle of three blocks, sheets are dirty little buckles me 50 Yuan, how the money shots by the hotel, ten Yuan for breakfast eat badly, can consider himself went to the street to buy room, you'd better don't move
  • mr.ray
    Good location but the hotel for several years now
  • forestdeer
    Second century of good hotels, personal feeling in the Hankou area of the hotel the best value, a century-old settlement House, high, doors and Windows are great there are old wooden shutters, facilities clean and service, especially the balcony, sit down and drink tea cafes, jianghan road, the following people to the city to see and too comfortable.
  • judy801
    Toilet facilities, bad window seals along the street, the noise is too large.
  • e00042283
    Good location, in the walking street of jianghan road head, make quiet. hotel has more than 100 years of architecture, antique. rooms are not too good, a bit noisy at night.
  • mumu0610
    Good location on the waterfront, walk Street, jianghan road, walking to the subway station is also minutes thing, eat and play.
  • ivywong1204
    Health is a relatively clean, carpet and toilet slightly dirty, but okay. environment, hotel is in a pedestrian street, is certainly good. There is a car park, in General is quite satisfied with the hotel.
  • wind7316
    Overall is good.
  • guoxin1990
    Hotel is the Republic of China's daily task of Byzantine architectural style, next to the building of Wuhan customs when the Republic of China, jianghan road walking Street starting point, the front is a road along the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River, great style.
  • siningli
    Very good location, is on the side street, ferry terminal, is bed linen not clean feeling
  • ivani
    Hotel location hard to find, just beside the jianghan shut, walking Street entrance, convenient, they also eat shop.
  • miaomiaolan
    Geography is good, but slightly worse.
  • lsm590602
    Great location, heritage construction, old model. travel recommendations. Old facilities. parking a little bit.
  • mojiandao
    Hotel location is very good, whether it's go or go to the railway station of Hankou, Wuchang district is very convenient!
  • danny_tam
    Location is OK, but very dated, no breakfast supplied is not convenient
  • amuelt
    Location very good hardware is so-so. most annoying is there every day pornographic leaflets in a hotel room. reaction they said he did not know at the front desk was not their
  • ilovescorpioboy
    Leaders satisfied
  • baby612168
    Are also good
  • Andy.Lee
    Hotel location didn't of said, downstairs is jianghan Road Street, eat shopping are is convenient, road opposite is River, away from Terminal also is near, boat to opposite is hubu Xiang, yellow crane Tower, Tan China forest, walk are can arrived. just hotel of facilities compared old, room has a towards River of door with Windows, March to of Wuhan, room really cold Ah, air conditioning seems to not to force, first late wear thin paragraph down jacket sleep of.
  • bb375816359
    Hotel transportation is convenient, for about 20 minutes by taxi from Hankou railway station to the hotel, is on the right-hand side of jianghan road walking Street, not far from the Subway Line 2 line is inside Hotel sanitation can also
  • BLI622
    Hotels is a very old building, poor facilities, restaurant meals in the maintenance cannot be. because it is near a bus in Wuhan port Mulan tianchi, so chose! at the pedestrian entrance, leaving the ferry, hubu lane!
  • njrebeccalu
    That's easy, just beside the Hankou closed, in front of 200 meters is China Wharf, very convenient, rooms are very good.
  • D.Yule
    Comparison shopping for dinner, take a taxi is more trouble, go to River is also very comfortable at night. is the equipment is old, could be improved would be better.
  • ivy6506
    Hotel and Wuhan of Centennial building jianghan shut adjacent, out Hou right turn is jianghan Road Street, can taste Wuhan nearly Centennial port to of Western style building, out to river side, walk insufficient hundred meters is Yangtze River Ferry mouth, location very better, really can said have Shang looked have see Yangtze River, listening to have see Bell, lying in bed Shang can see Sunrise of hotel; phone contact requirements arrangements Riverview room, but needed pay additional tip, somewhat upset. Unfortunately the room cleaning service hired by inadequate training, I do not know is oldIn order to save money, or servant a contented, sanitary bathroom not enough, not fewer toothbrushes, is less a shower gel, is very regrettable. Restaurant opening at the bottom, but seem to be ready yet to be ready for guests, dinner guest seems to be very little. Services need to be improved, reservations recommended.
  • jademeng
    Rooms are small, relatively old. but WINS in history
  • Roliv
    Select hotel, first is select lots, good Centennial of location on in Wuhan famous of Republic style street--jianghan road beginning, next is famous of jianghan shut site, good Centennial hotel building itself is day clear foreign site. Second, traffic convenient, distance Metro Line 2 line jianghan road only 150 meters around, walk as long as two minutes, hotel left 100 meters is Hankou River Beach, night appreciate Wuhan best of night, right 100 meters is ferry terminal, sat duRound to Wuchang only needed 15 minutes, and can full taste Wuhan Johnson of charm. and from here to Hanyang of return Yuan Temple, taxi also only need more than 10 minutes, 20 Yuan around. can said, regardless of is to Wuchang also is Hanyang, are very convenience. again, hotel of building is beautiful, Riverview room can see Yangtze River, although floor not high, vision no imagine of so good, but also also is can accept. hotel of room not is big, facilities also is good, clean also is clean,Hotel of earlier although is package, cannot free select, but taste good, type also is complete. last, said about insufficient, because location good, hotel front is along Avenue, busy, late at night also is noisy, and hotel Windows glass noise effect does not good, so sleep bad of friends, please carefully consider, best don't select Riverview room. General for, good Centennial of advantages and shortcomings are is sharp, main see himself more attention which while.